Positive personal development and planning* in the age of artificial intelligence. *...

Unit X: Course objectives

Broad objectives

Broad objectives are to provide information and a framework (of tools) to
  1. Help you clarify your objectives: career, education, life... and increase awareness of the choices and pathways of others
  2. Help you plan & achieve these objectives A (by comparison with different ways others have achieved similar goals)
  3. To support others in supporting you purely online, face-to-face or a blend of both
  4. Enhance self-awareness through B VISP questionnaires ( Summary) & discussing your choices with others
  5. Discuss how technology and employment change over time (history) and how they could effect your employment (AI/ML)
  6. Attempt to see the whole - not just from (neuro-) typical perspectives -, developing an holistic understanding of self & building integrity in
    • Consideration of global issue
    • Make use of a range of ideas/tools/practices available: from education, environmental science, business, psychology, sport... (application) (See table: Cross-Curricular Connections)
    • Integrate with high school, further & higher education curricula (mainstream education practices) and be cross curricula

Intended audience for course

The intended audience for this course are those in the most formative years of development:

  • children, teenagers, college students and anyone who is curious

But while the course & tool are being developed:

  • Educators, parents, coaches, counsellors, mentors...and anyone who wants to help develop this course

Unit X: Course context: The Who, What, Why, When, Where?

This shows the context for this course within the overall project:

pPlan App

This web site is an application (instance) of the iAutor system. For more information see the home page & Course


See course introduction (link in top navigation pane)

iAutor system

See system overview

This responds to (5 Ws) questions from an end-user perspective [supporting personal development] & for comparison topics if supporting a business instead of a person

The Who, What, Why, When, Where?

Questions pPlan Tools pPlan Course For comparison: Business management topics
Who support students with support of parents, teachers, tutors, coaches(+ link) See course objectives unit Customers, Employees, Suppliers, Competitors, Government
What Support personal development, educational & career planning Strategy (Corporate, Business Unit, Marketing, Product)
Where home, school, college, online Markets, Facilities, distribution, Outsourcing
When Continuously: lifelong and life-wide learning (see where) When available - see projects roadmap Strategic Plan, Annual Plan, Program and Project Management
Why lack of intelligent systematic support in this area for young people in formative years, which tries hard to understand and personalise support for the individual Leadership, Communications, Culture, Change Management
How by building self awareness, targeted feedback from others and computer analysis Marketing, Operations Plan, Sales Force, Metrics, Incentives
How Much Investment Plan, Business Case

Unit X: Teaching & learning activities: How to use this course & pPlan

The main types of activity addressed in other course modules are:

  • B Sharing your V.I.S.P...
  • Exploring job profiles/sectors courses & pathways
  • Evaluating example goals & Plans
  • A Articulating your goals & Planning
  • C Adding important information about your feelings, thoughts & actions missing in A,B, D
  • D Profile
  • SP feedback and support from others & computer analysis

Note: See the system overview below for information on labels A-D & SP above

iAutor System overview

This apps goal is that:
your input and engagement with: A - E, along with feedback [ SP + AI   ] supports achieving your goals and improves self-awareness
B Questionnaires (psychological instruments)

Personality test, Character strengths +Inventories:
1. Values
2. Interests
3. Abilities

A Goal setting & planning tool

Set broad goals and 1 or many SMART action plans which can all receive inline feedback F

C Entries: Personal journal, supporting information & analysis

Description of current situation, SWOT

D Profile & external tools
E online course - curriculum links/ integration

Course about and for your...

V Views: Goal-with-plans, Summary, Grid-Mapped planning , Profile, Dashboard ...
Requesting & Assigning me SuPport SP - support roles may include: coaches, family, mentors, teachers, friends, tutors
F Feedback from supporting roles on A B C D & any direct communication
Computer feedback based on statistical analysis & ML AI  
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Unit X: Cross-Curricular & real world links

Cross-Curricular & real world links for this course & project:

Cross-Curricular Connections

Connections to elements in the pPlan project including the Course
Theme History Science/humanities Design, Technology, Business Education
Psychology Computer & Data Environmental/ Geography IT/Engineering Management
  • Employment
  • AI
  • Education
B Questionnaires (psychological instruments);
Counselling SP
Algorithms employed in technology stack Cooling data centres
The Climate Pledge, a commitment [By Amazon] to meet the Paris Agreement 10 years early
Is this enough?
Are current governmental regulations enough?
iAutor technology stack: Linux, Python, Databases (Postgres)... SMART action plans Cross-Curricular & across educational sectors/ ages groups

Unit X: pPlan app guides

Unit X: Vocabulary, terms & definitions