Personal development tools: for education and career planning* to find your element


What it does

This is a free to use prototype online web-application. It provides Personal development tools for personal exploration, reflection, planning and coaching. Providing the user/student a framework to record and develop plans to clarify their own ideas, and for Coaches or Mentors to offer targeted inline feedback. Although the tools can be used in a variety of ways it focuses on two areas: Learning (education planning) Strand 1 and Work (career planning) Strand 2. pPlan is a personal tool to aid decision making when developing your own strategies and is intended to support the eight Gatsby benchmarks of Good Career Guidance as shown here

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Example Summary view

Summarising your: values, interests, abilities, goals and depth of planning - creating a portrait for your reflection and sharing with others to get the conversation started.

Sometimes one conversation can change your career path or (educational) plans...!

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Example Dashboard view (with coach/coachees)

System overview

This apps goal is that:
your input and engagement with: A - E, along with feedback [ SP + AI   ] supports achieving your goals and improves self-awareness
B Surveys / psychological instruments

Personality test - Inventories:
1. Values
2. Interests
3. Abilities

A The planning tool

Set broad goals and 1 or many SMART action plans which can all receive inline feedback F

C Personal journal, supporting information & analysis

Description of current situation, SWOT

D Profile & external tools
E online course - curriculum links/ integration

Course about and for your...

V Views Summary , Grid-Mapped planning, Dashboard ...
Requesting & Assigning me SuPport SP - support roles may include: coaches, family, mentors, teachers, friends, tutors
F Feedback from supporting roles on A B C D & any direct communication
Computer feedback based on statistical analysis & ML AI  
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The planning tool A

This help sheet How to use for planning is for all users explaining the essentials (although mostly from a mentee point of view)

These are view-only examples (for users who are not signed in) of planning boards and should give some insight into the planning tool:

Planning tool A step-by-step user guide

The step-by-step user guide provides more details of how the tool works and includes how you login...→ link to user guide in page footer , for a general overview of the tool see the screenshots in this post and the list below:

With pPlan you can :
  1. Define your Current Situation
  2. Imagine and record your Ideal Situation(s)
  3. Create and link SMART Plans to help achieve and think about your ideal situations (2.)
  4. Get feedback from Mentors: On your pPlan Dashboard you can request
    for other registered pPlan users (who you know already) to be your Mentor/Mentee to enable their feedback
  5. The above artefacts are organsised on the users (planning) Board (other analogies: pin board or kanban board)
  6. To any of the Artefacts (1-3) you create, you can include a hyper link to an image/file/CV/website etc.
  7. Please complete the survey → link under "About" in the top navigation